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Let your star community star gather steam

You’re impacting the hearts of your guests and community.
We bring the heart of steam into that story.

  • We are specialists in communal steam. We provide resorts, retreat centers, and communities with exceptional and novel outdoor steam spaces
  • Our intention is to compliment your current offering with a centerpiece of care, support, and discovery through a modality that nurtures deep, communal healing
  • Easy-to-launch: HeartFelt is a quick onsite assemblage; the setup includes thorough steam education, advisory, and ongoing support.

The HeartFelt Steambath

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swipe right and left
Easy and spacious

Easy and spacious

  • Simple manual assembly
  • No foundation necessary (drainage optional)
  • Assembled within 1 week
  • Overall Measurments 18 × 25 ft
  • Fits 12 to 25 guests
Perfect steam

Perfect steam

  • Powerful stove for most steam varieties
  • Precision steam and heat control
  • Streamlined for herbal and aromatherapy
Robust and safe

Robust and safe

  • Top cover withstands snow, sun, and rain
  • Mold-resistant, easy-to-clean wood-and-felt interior
  • Built with fire-proof and fire-retardant materials

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